Our Story

Its high time to believe that this organization has gone through stages of patience, struggles, failures, financial losses and more. In the middle of February 2022, the founder gets an opportunity to join a community to start an highly profitable E-Commerce business domestic or international. Before the start of training, he started to try to build a online shopping store and show it to others. In training, while he learned store upfront settings and promotions, he went through stages of changes on store in 2 months. After 2 months, he gave up with print on demand which he tried around the globe with many vendors like Printify, Printful anf Fuel POD using PayPal.

In the middle of April, he contacted a shopify expert to take care of his new venture, an online E-Commerce Store named Firm Buy as Firm Buy Inc. Firm Buy is a brand now. In the first meeting he discussed regarding the invoice till fully automated store setup and regular expenses on maintenance and marketing services & expenses. The cost was truly low as up to a more than lakh rupees.

As the work begin, it took 3 months to complete the store till setup and start with marketing. When started, the store went through Logo Design, UX/UI Design, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, Vendor Linking/Integration to Store, Marketing Setup and lastly we began with automated marketing campaigns in EU and US. The Google Campaign and YouTube Campaign burned the money each minute. There were several add to carts by European people United States people in EU but no Financial Transactions. Still we had the European Vendor. I haven’t the current account and the IEC Code. So lastly I left there on recommendation by my family members to get that venture back to India with Indian Vendor and Indian Operations.

In middle of October the venture got a new Free Indian Vendor where the delivery was within a week but still the business model failed because some orders got cancelled by vendor and people received wrong products.

In January 2023, after a lot of strategies and projections by shopify expert team and in the vision of founder. The store got to new heights. Luckily, venture got a Annualy Paid Indian Vendor. And now the store has started with a single Niche as Fashion and Accessories. Best for the journey!